The Euromoney China Global Investment Forum
How Innovation is Changing Business

Innovation is undeniably driving transformation across all companies and industries. The 2017 Euromoney China Global Investment Forum will bring together senior executives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss the opportunities and challenges that they face.
Designed to compare and contrast the path of innovation between China and the world – and what this means for the future of global businesses – participants will have a chance to gain further insight by participating in one-on-one meetings and off-site tours.
Over 500 delegates, half of which comes from outside of China, will be attending this free and by-invitation-only event. The entire programme will be simultaneously interpreted in English and Chinese.
To register (FREE), please e-mail with your details. 
Key topics and themes:
- How is Innovation Changing Businesses
- The Evolution of Chinese Consumers and E-Commerce  
- Investing in Innovation
- The Fintech Revolution
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毋庸置疑,创新正在驱动所有行业和企业的变革。Euromoney 中国全球投资峰会将汇集企业高管、智库领袖、企业家和投资者,届时他们将共同探讨其面临的机遇和挑战。




- 创新如何改变商业?
- 中国消费者发展与电子商务变迁
- 投资创新
- 金融技术革命